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Rip of Fortune

Rip of Fortune

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You remember very little of your old life. You were born in a night market on a rainy day and raised lovingly by your grandfather. As a child, you took pride in making pizza, but it soon became obvious that you were meant for bigger things. That's where your maverick flying skills came in. It was essential in asserting your undying sense of patriotism. Your time for greatness is here. Cancel the apocalypse!

About This Collection

About the game
Mighty Action Heroes is a real-time multiplayer Battle Royale with an emphasis on fun, skill, and chaos! Collect weapons of varying strengths and duke it out in a cityscape inspired by classic action movie classics from the silver screen and beyond! Outmaneuver your opponents to be the last one standing in this fast and frantic isometric shooter.

Where to play this game?
Web Browser or Android App

Can I play the game without interacting or engaging with blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency?

What chain does this game use?

How is NFT, or cryptocurrency used in this game? What utility does this bring to the game?

- Use them as a PFP or as your in-game avatar!
- Immediate access to a collection-specific, holders-only section of the Mighty Action Heroes Discord
- Link your Bears at the MightyNet Terminal and collect Mighty Bits
- Exclusive in-game content
- Be part of a kickass pioneering community of passionate players-

What can I do with the NFT, or cryptocurrency that I earn (or purchase)?
Mighty BITs (MBITs) are points that you receive from linking your NFTs. You can spend MBITs on rewards such as Supply Crates for Mighty Action Heroes. In the future, we'll introduce more rewards which you will be able to spend your MBITs on.

Where can I trade the NFT, or cryptocurrency that I earn (or purchase)?
The Shop is where you can purchase various items and rewards that can be used in Mighty Action Heroes. You can purchase and redeem using Mighty Bits, Fiat money, Ethereum or $MAGIC. The Shop contains items like Supply Crates, which can opened in Mighty Action Heroes, but will offer a variety of other rewards and in-game currencies in the future.

Players can access the shop by clicking on the Shop Icon on the main dashboard at

Does this game require me to connect a web3 wallet? What wallets does this game support?

How do I connect the wallet(s)?
1. Navigate to on your web browser
2. If you are using an Android phone, follow the instructions on the page to download the App from the Google Play Store.
3. Connect the wallet containing your digital assets and proceed to login
4. You can now enjoy the game!


This product supports or includes the use of Blockchain, or NFT technology. All transactions and related activity, payments for in-game purchases, refunds, and customer support are handled by the publisher of this product. Please be advised: before purchasing any digital assets that users should do their own research. And all purchases through third party marketplaces are made at their own ris

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